the Internet Backbone

Craig A. Haney craig at
Mon Apr 8 22:11:43 UTC 1996

At 02:44 PM 4/8/96, David ``Joel Katz'' Schwartz wrote:
>On Mon, 8 Apr 1996, Avi Freedman wrote:
>> Now, many 2nd level providers that *could* operate default-free choose
>> not to.  Even if you have three or more sets of 30k+ routes each, it
>> takes balls to risk dropping packets that your customers want you to
>> deliver just so that you can have the packet be dropped at your router
>> instead of at your (possibly backup) transit provider's router.
>> Avi
>        Can't anyone who takes full routes from any tier 1 provider
>operate without a default route? And isn't it a reasonable assumption
>that if you don't have a route somewhere, odds are they don't have a
>route to you (assuming you do your own BGP routing) and so a default
>route is mostly pointless anyway?
>        What am I missing?
>        DS

you are missing the definitions of Peering vs. Transit.


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