Ehud Gavron GAVRON at ACES.COM
Sat Apr 6 20:57:44 UTC 1996

Dave Siegel wrote:
>> How?  I certainly wouldn't want to add yet another peering arrangement
>> with every Tom, Dick and Harry that showed up at any regional
>> interconnect.  One interconnect, one peering arrangement.

>There is an MLPA available.  None of the participants have shown much

>interest in signing it...nor have they made any objections to it.  Most

	The PARTICIPANTS haven't objected.  The non-participants have.

	That's why _our_ [alternate] interconnect has NO blpas, NO
	mlpas, NO lawyer-paperwork, etc.  You show; you peer; you play.


p.s. Our interconnect is The Tucson Interconnect, not to be confused
     with Dave's RTD MIX/NAP.

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