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Christian Nielsen cnielsen at
Sat Apr 6 00:27:09 UTC 1996

On Fri, 5 Apr 1996, Avi Freedman wrote:

> We have a local, new, competitor who generally lies out his ass and also says 
> 'We are the Internet backbone.  Only we can offer you 100% Full Bandwidth'.
> They have a T1 to a provider with a T1 to MCI and a T1 to AGIS.  

	I guess you could get that in writting from him and than sue him 
when there is a problem, ie not getting 100%. I know of an FTP site that 
could fill that up :)
> Of course, they claim to have 3 T3s and they claim that MAE-East an 
> unimportant private exchange point between AT&T and Sprint.

	Well, having a T3 is really no big deal, or having fiber. Lets 
see, we run fiber in our office, so we fiber to the net.
> And they solicit our customers, sigh.

	The bad thing about AS's, Internic, etc. Everyone knows who your 
customers are :(
> And someone with 2 T1s to Sprint has been saying "We are *the* Internet
> Backbone in South Jersey".

	*sigh* I guess this goes on everywhere.

	I guess that the only way to be the 'winner' in this market is to 
be truthfull to the customers. One of the ISPs in Utah has NO tech 
support to turn on new customers at this time, and they have a T3 to 
sprint, :( And one of our customers who is going to them, they cut our 
price by 75% is about to be cut off. And they say the Law of the Harvest 
is not true.

	Sad internet. 

	On another note, in routing in the internet, it talks about if 
you are having more than a 2% packet loss, you need to get it fixed. Well 
we are seeing over 20% at some places.. And the Internet is going well? 
Also, the Utah REP, based on Dave Segiels Phoenix REP, will be up this 
week for anyone in the Utah Area looking for a place to connect.

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