CIDR,Sprint and the Big Guys.

Christian Nielsen cnielsen at
Sat Apr 6 00:16:07 UTC 1996

On Thu, 4 Apr 1996, Avi Freedman wrote:

> When did Sprint say that they're not hearing > /16s from external peers?
> I think I missed that.

	At interop, I picked up a mag where it was listed, now I got to 
go find it again.
> And I can assure you, the NIC has never to my knowledge allocated IP space
> based on Sprint's filters.  Proper allocation; notification via SWIP or
> rwhois of the allocation; and the speed & size of previous blocks are the
> criteria that I'm aware of.

	Yes, you are correct. I agree with you on this one.

> I don't see this happening.  I think it's a fine idea to set aside space
> for up to 6 months to see if people will expand into it, but it is ture
> that there are only so many /16s to go around and probably > 200 new ISPs
> starting up every month, each of which will want that much space and will
> take a loooong time to fill it.  

	I see ISPs going down all the time. Plus, with all the new ones 
coming on line, they will not make it like the older times. Unless they 
can compete on service. Even though we are $8.50 more in one city, we get 
the customers from the other ISP everytime.
> > 	Now, to make sure they are being conservative with their 
> > networks, routing tables, CIDR, etc. Explain to the ISP that the only way 
> > they are going to get a /16 is if they renumber their whole network. This 
> > will return a lot of larger /20 and above address space to the nic and 
> > reduce the size of the routing table on the net. 
> Who's going to do the explaining?  

	Well, I guess it could be in a RFC
	Also, if you are able to get more IPs from the nic, you are in 
less of a chance to be a non routable route. Plus, there needs to be a 
way to get the ips cleaned up on the net.

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