Address "portability"

Vadim Antonov avg at
Fri Apr 5 06:36:41 UTC 1996

>From: matthew at (Matthew Kaufman)

>>From: Peter Lothberg <roll at>
>> Give me a call when you convinced the phone_company to make my phone number 
>> work in California. 

>The California PUC has approved local phone competition within California,
>with the requirement the phone number portability (between carriers) be
>fully implemented as soon as possible. Making your phone number stay the
>same no matter whether you're a PacBell or MFS or TCI customer is exactly
>the same problem as making IP addresses portable... just wait until ISPs
>are regulated, and they get the same mandate.

>-matthew kaufman
> matthew at

Which only shows how stupid American elected representatives are.
(No, i do not think they are any smarter in any other country).


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