the Internet Backbone

Avi Freedman freedman at
Fri Apr 5 22:14:39 UTC 1996

> On Fri, 5 Apr 1996, Paul Ferguson wrote:
> > Better yet, call it the 'default-free core', which is ironically what it
> > is already called.  :-)
> OK, how about this...
> The core of the US Internet, also known as the default-free core, no longer 
> follows a backbone topology. The core is composed of the major NSP's who 
> operate national backbones providing national transit and who interconnect
> at all or most of the public exchange points.
> So, to determine whether a carrier is part of the core:
> Are they an NSP?
> Do they operate their own national backbone?
> Can they provide national transit over their own network infrastructure?
> Do they interconnect with other NSP's who satisfy the previous two 
> conditions at most of the public exchange points?

Where public exchange points == {MAE-East, MAE-West, Pennsauken, PacBell NAP,
Chicago NAP, and arguably the CIX router/cloud}.

> Is this better? 
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