NANOG/IEPG/ISOC's current role

rboivie at vnet.IBM.COM rboivie at vnet.IBM.COM
Fri Apr 5 20:26:22 UTC 1996

Gordon,  I don't have any thoughts to share re: the posting or non-posting
of traffic stats.  I just wanted to correct the point regarding the
termination of the NSFnet backbone service.
Rick Boivie

>OOOPS!  <blush>  you are right.
>But, isn't the point two fold?  While NSFnet stats were available for
>another year is anyone going to seriously blame ISOC for not having them on
>display a year after the fact?  They are surely available some where.
>Many reading this list would likely know where in an instant.  I'd turn
>to an Altavista search and to the NSF web stite to find them.
>second point.  For a year now nothing has been available and given the
>nature of the new market place, how could one reasonably expect them to
>be available except by looking a through put figures at the MAEs.  MAE
>East in particular.
>On Mon, 1 Apr 1996 rboivie at VNET.IBM.COM wrote:
>> Gordon,
>> Small point.  The NSFnet backbone service ended on April 30, 1995
>> (not '94).
>> Rick Boivie
>> rboivie at
>> > commercial internet matured and the federal gov't withdrew.  Last traffic
>> > reports march 1994!?  Of course!  This was the month before the last
>> > gov't funded backbone (NSFnet) was turned off.  Since then the traffic
>> > statistics have been the **proprietary** possessions of Sprint, MCI,
>> > UUNET, ANS, etc.

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