CIDR,Sprint and the Big Guys.

Tim Salo salo at
Fri Apr 5 14:25:48 UTC 1996

> From: Jim Fleming <JimFleming at>
> To: "'Christian Nielsen'" <cnielsen at>, "nanog at"
> Subject: RE: CIDR,Sprint and the Big Guys.
> Date: Fri, 5 Apr 1996 01:29:10 -0600
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> Yes CIDR is a good thing...unfortunately, it does not guarantee that the
> net will grow and aggregate in a rational way. When coupled with the
> "slow start" ISP policy, CIDR helps to rapidly fragment the IP address
> space and in some cases causes poor IP address utilization all in the
> name of "protecting the future of the Internet" or maybe "protecting the
> Internet from ISPs".
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It would appear that there may also be a strong argument that the
tremendous proliferation of [small] ISPs is a significant contributor
to the growth of the size of the Internet routing tables.

Perhaps, the [anticipated] consolidation of ISPs will be a significant
event in the efforts to control routing table size.


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