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Avi Freedman freedman at
Fri Apr 5 05:25:47 UTC 1996

> 	Ok, I am really getting sick of hearing, I am connected to 'the 
> Internet Backbone' We are connected to the Internet Backbone so we are 
> better than X and Y put together.

We have a local, new, competitor who generally lies out his ass and also says 
'We are the Internet backbone.  Only we can offer you 100% Full Bandwidth'.
They have a T1 to a provider with a T1 to MCI and a T1 to AGIS.  

Of course, they claim to have 3 T3s and they claim that MAE-East an 
unimportant private exchange point between AT&T and Sprint.

And they solicit our customers, sigh.

And someone with 2 T1s to Sprint has been saying "We are *the* Internet
Backbone in South Jersey".

> 	I guess this is what happens when you get back from Interop and 
> here all these people, uh they start with USWEST in their name, tell me 
> and everyone else, We are connected to The Internet Backbone.
> 	So please someon,e please tell me I am correct in saying to all 
> these not so bright people that there really is not an 'Internet Backbone' 
> that USWest, SISNA (who now claims to be the 3rd largest ISP/NSP and still 
> have only a T1 to MCI, and claim that is a DS3) and all these other 
> people who think that they are connected to the internet back bone.

Everyone (of importance) agrees that in order to claim you're a backbone 
you have to (now, not a year ago) be connected to at least 2 public NAPs/MAEs 
and have at least one circuit that runs at DS3 or higher speed.

> 	Well, thanks for all your help. because I wanna be an isp :) Now 
> where did I put that Lart.

I'm not sure how much of the NANOG community reads alt.sysadmin.recovery,
but I'd recommend it to all...  (Lart is a sysadmin term meaning Luser
Attitude Readjustment Tool).

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