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Christian Nielsen cnielsen at
Fri Apr 5 03:46:09 UTC 1996

	Ok, I am really getting sick of hearing, I am connected to 'the 
Internet Backbone' We are connected to the Internet Backbone so we are 
better than X and Y put together.

	I guess this is what happens when you get back from Interop and 
here all these people, uh they start with USWEST in their name, tell me 
and everyone else, We are connected to The Internet Backbone.

	So please someon,e please tell me I am correct in saying to all 
these not so bright people that there really is not an 'Internet Backbone' 
that USWest, SISNA (who now claims to be the 3rd largest ISP/NSP and still 
have only a T1 to MCI, and claim that is a DS3) and all these other 
people who think that they are connected to the internet back bone.

	For all that matters, I guess I can say that I am 
the internet Backbone because it is at my house and you all connect to me 
via my 28.8 modem.

	Oh, and for anyone is Scottsdale (sp?) AZ, go to your local 
Chamber. I saw them talking with a company that I can't name but probally 
does local phone serverice in Scottsdale, because they want a web page, 
connections for all their members, etc. etc. They were pretty high up.

	Well, thanks for all your help. because I wanna be an isp :) Now 
where did I put that Lart.

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