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Thu Apr 4 20:20:37 UTC 1996

On Apr 4, 14:25, Bob Metcalfe <bob_metcalfe at> wrote:
> Dear Mr. Huegen,
> Must say your below email about me was very upsetting.

Well, you haven't exactly taken this forum with storm either, have you?
In this forum you are directly addressing the people who deal with
Internet operations.  And planning.  And strategy.  And whatnot.
The people here keep it working, and keep it growing, and they've
been doing that ever since the start.  There are severe growing pains
in the Internet, but your story doesn't add anything of value to
whatever debate you can think of.

> What EXACTLY was "rubbish" in my recent InfoWorld column about NANOG etc?

Let's do a twist on your Internet story -- just three sentences, the
two first of which adequately paraphrase the amount of fact in it:

"The power utilities company reported that flooding had killed
primary and backup power to the region."  "I picked up the telephone
to call them, but the line was out of order."  "Let's all Question

The conclusion is somewhat the opposite of yours.  But then, it
wasn't inspired by a bumper sticker.

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