Death of the net traced to aversion to workstations

Jon Zeeff jon at
Thu Apr 4 14:44:10 UTC 1996

> Apples and oranges, probably, but Digital's routers in Palo Alto (a
> pair of AlphaStation 200s, each with 128MB of memory and a pair of
> FDDI boards) have a kernel routing table size of 8735 Kbytes (9178
> Kbytes peak). The virtual size of the gated process is 27.9Mbytes. We
> get full routing tables from Alternet and BBN Planet, and however many

It sounds like the tables can get a whole lot larger before you even have to
add more memory.   It also sounds like the routing table itself would fit
in just about any router.

I wonder if this gives anyone any ideas as to how one might avoid near term
restrictions on the number of routes and still use current router

PS - as mentioned before, you can put 16 million routes in 8-16MB of memory
if you do it right.

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