NANOG/IEPG/ISOC's current role

Michael Dillon michael at
Thu Apr 4 16:41:22 UTC 1996

On Thu, 4 Apr 1996, Dalvenjah FoxFire wrote:

Anybody want to recommend a list (or create one) to discuss this kind of 
thing on? I'll join it, promote it and leave NANOG alone for a while.

> As someone who's about to renumber a public school district from a /24
> to something else, what would be the smallest network to get (from
> InterNIC) that would pretty much be guaranteed to be routed for the next
> few years? I'm thinking a /22 at the moment, but am not sure.

No. Read RFC1918 and use those addresses in conjunction with a proxy 
firewall. You'll neve need to renumber again and you gain the added 
benefit that nobody can contact the outside world without going through 
your proxy which can block the kiddies from et al.

> Granted the best solution would be go to our provider (all the schools
> in Santa Clara County, CA go through the county office of education for
> internet access) and have them get an /18 or something and distribute
> that, but they don't seem to want that. Should I push them for this
> solution?

Doesn't matter if you use a *COORDINATED* scheme for allocating RFC1918
addresses. As long each school in the county uses different blocks from
10/8 there will be no problems going it alone today and merging at some 
future date.

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