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Michael Dillon michael at
Thu Apr 4 03:17:10 UTC 1996

On Wed, 3 Apr 1996, Sean Doran wrote:

>    Gotcha.  While the timings won't be exactly exact, we
> will take you up on your invitation.

Now if NANOG had a PR flack monitoring the list he would jump up and 
propose a press release...

NANOG is pleased to announce that SPRINT has agreed to provide data for
the Routing Arbiter's statistics database. This makes 5 of the 6 major 
North American NSP's participating in the project to collect and analyze
statistics on traffic levels through the Internet's core. SPRINT joins
Alternet, MCI, Netcom and (hmmm was AGIS/Net99 on that list??) in 
supporting the RA's project to open a window on what type and volume of 
traffic is flowing through the core.

This is important because ..... (educational diatribe)

The Internet's core consists of ...... (yet another educational diatribe)

NANOG (North American Network Operators Group) is an informal forum for
NSP's and major customers to share information, problems and solutions 
regarding the day to day operation of the Internet. NANOG has quarterly 
meetings throughout North America and members keep in touch regularly via 
the NANOG mailing list. More info is available at
(I know the URL is wrong, but that could be changed).

Now is this an evil thing?

Find a good excuse, write a short announcement, pad it out to tow or three
pages with educational material that you know the press needs to learn 
anyway, provide a URL for them to followup if they want to drill deeper 
into the topic...

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