David ``Joel Katz'' Schwartz stimpson at
Wed Apr 3 23:00:36 UTC 1996

	Obviously, we need to find some faster light.

On Wed, 3 Apr 1996, Wolfgang Henke wrote:

> Hmm... 
> Using a real in use backbone of one of the mayor service providers,
> I find that a DS3 between silicon valley to Chicago has a 44 msec 
> latency going through 4 hops. That's about the speed of light in
> fiber for the 5000 mile roundtrip ICMP ping packets. 
> Using ATM will reduce the router latency. I estimate that with TCP/IP
> over ATM over SONET OC-3c the latency will be reduced from 44 msec
> to 40 msec, only a rather small improvement. The bandwidth used on the
> fiber wont matter much. With OC-12c I would still expect 40 msec or so
> since the speed of light in fiber is the limiting factor.
> Wolfgang

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