NANOG/IEPG/ISOC's current role

Gordon Cook gcook at
Mon Apr 1 23:46:29 UTC 1996

OOOPS!  <blush>  you are right.

But, isn't the point two fold?  While NSFnet stats were available for 
another year is anyone going to seriously blame ISOC for not having them on 
display a year after the fact?  They are surely available some where.  
Many reading this list would likely know where in an instant.  I'd turn 
to an Altavista search and to the NSF web stite to find them.

second point.  For a year now nothing has been available and given the 
nature of the new market place, how could one reasonably expect them to 
be available except by looking a through put figures at the MAEs.  MAE 
East in particular.

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On Mon, 1 Apr 1996 rboivie at VNET.IBM.COM wrote:

> Gordon,
> Small point.  The NSFnet backbone service ended on April 30, 1995
> (not '94).
> Rick Boivie
> rboivie at
> > commercial internet matured and the federal gov't withdrew.  Last traffic
> > reports march 1994!?  Of course!  This was the month before the last
> > gov't funded backbone (NSFnet) was turned off.  Since then the traffic
> > statistics have been the **proprietary** possessions of Sprint, MCI,
> > UUNET, ANS, etc.

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