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Steve Goldstein sgoldste at
Fri Sep 29 17:21:09 UTC 1995

At 12:11 PM 9/29/95, santa at north.pole wrote:
>i dunno, i saw this and was sondering if it sounded paranoid or what..
>merry xmas..

Ho ho ho, stuff it up the chimney, Santa!  NSF made the award to NSI for
Internet Registration Services lonnnng before SAIC bought them out.  And,
it is the only award we have for registration services.

But now, at least, the ex-spooks will have goodies like to
amuse themselves with.  Could you have done a more poeticly just job than
that, Santa?

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>          Ex-spooks take over Internet domain name registration
>The press recently reported that the National Science Foundation has turned
>over Internet Domain Name registration to Network Solutions, Inc. (NSI) of
>Herndon, VA. The press failed to note some interesting connections. ...

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