number of unaggregated class C's in swamp?

Mark Kent mark at MainStreet.Net
Fri Sep 29 16:52:02 UTC 1995

>> And that's where folks _deserve_ a break, since they didn't have CIDR

Well... why not focus on sites that don't deserve a break?  How many
/24 from 204 and 205 are announced?  Probably not many so I could
argue that it would be good to make them renumber.  It's not like
we're shaking up the whole world.

Maybe if the core routers are going to start filtering 
it should be on a schedule like this:

  Announce now that by Oct 1, 1996 no individual /24 will be routed.
  Filter 204/24 and 205/24  on Oct 31, 1995
  Filter 202/24 and 203/24  on Nov 30, 1995
  until, by Oct 1, 1996, all /24 are filtered.

At the same time announce that no new /N prefixes will be accepted by
the IRR (and make it so).  This will encourage renumbering into larger
blocks.  Pick N to be a reasonable number based on various registries
allocation policies.

Regardless of any filtering, the IRR should stop taking any new /24
prefixes so that old 198.* nets (and others) don't creep in before
their cutoff date comes up.


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