Peering in the LA region?!?

Peter Kline peter at
Thu Sep 28 05:04:53 UTC 1995

Hello All,

AGIS would be happy to/interested in exchanging customer routes in LA.
We're in the SMDS cloud.  Further, I think that in less than 60 seconds I
could convince my management to purchase a switching hub for our space with
WilTel on the 14th Floor of the 1 Wilshire Building.  Anyone within/nearby
that space (I remember seeing BBN/Planet and UUNet for instance) would be
welcome to drag a cat5 connection to that hub for the exchange of customer
routes with AGIS and other attachees.  I see no reason to charge anything
for the connection.

If there's enough interest, mebbe bmanning could provide/administer an class C.


At 09:21 AM 9/26/95 -0700, Pushpendra Mohta wrote:
>CERFnet has a POP in One Wilshire with 2 T3s, soon to be 4.
>CERFnet and Los Nettos/CSUnet have a private peering arrangement at two
>locations. Other than that, I am not aware of large peering 
>arrangements in LA, but would welcome such a move.
>Pushpendra Mohta              pushp at        +1 619 455 3908
>Director, CERFnet      +1 800 876 2373
>Marcos Della writes:
>> Just curious, but after looking around at several sites in LA, I was curious
>> if ANYONE was actually doing any significant peering in the LA basin?
>>  Currently
>> we are looking for multiple interconnects down there in the 10mbps/T3 range,
>> however we can't find anyone...
>> We currently have a little >1000sq ft in the One Wilshire building.  Is
>> there anyone else in that building?  *SIGH*  I was meaning to ask this while
>> I was at nanog, but other events caused me to forget to ask...
>> Marcos
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