Peering in the LA region?!?

Jeremy Porter jerry at
Tue Sep 26 18:38:38 UTC 1995

There are a group in Internet providers in Texas that are
building an interconnect site in Houston.  In the Marthon Oil
building in Houston even, right next door to the MFSDatanet POP
in Houston even.

It would be nice if MFS wanted to get involved and provide
services for the larger Internet Providers, i.e. Co-location

Right now there are about 5 regional/mid-sized ISPs that are going
to be connecting up there.

>I'm sure John Hardie would be happy to talk to you about building an
>interconnect in LA.  He'll be at Interop in Atlanta this week.
>	Steve
>> Just curious, but after looking around at several sites in LA, I was curious
>> if ANYONE was actually doing any significant peering in the LA basin?
>>  Currently
>> we are looking for multiple interconnects down there in the 10mbps/T3 range,
>> however we can't find anyone...
>> We currently have a little >1000sq ft in the One Wilshire building.  Is
>> there anyone else in that building?  *SIGH*  I was meaning to ask this while
>> I was at nanog, but other events caused me to forget to ask...

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