Hank Nussbacher HANK at taunivm.tau.ac.il
Tue Sep 26 20:02:50 UTC 1995

On Mon, 25 Sep 1995 00:41:31 -0400 you said:
>If you are small, you can only get a small network assignment (slow start),
>as you will be running into the Great Wall "Internic" even with a request
>for a /22, and if you really succeed with your /22 or /20 assignment,
>you will have to discover that the conspiracy of the big 6 (laugh!) might
>have decided you are not worthy, and to go route what you got to yourself
>and don't expect them even wanting to know about it. If, on the other hand,

Even being big won't help.  I know of a certain multinational company
that has just spent $15M on lines and routers covering Europe (30 cities)
and was only allowed to get a /19 since that is what one gets when one is
new to the block, irregardless of whether you are in one city with a 256kb
line to Dante or Ebone and 32 modems or whether you are a planning on
being a big player (since, I guess, everyone comes along and shows how they are
a *big* player).  So this company went out and bought out a European
ISP with a class A and has now solved its IP address shortage.

>Kai Schlichting
>Internet Project Manager, BelCom, Inc.
>kai at belcom.net

Hank Nussbacher

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