filtering long prefixes

Willi Huber huber at
Tue Sep 26 09:11:30 UTC 1995

> Yes, Geert Jan, but if you look at the list I prepared,
> you'll note that the only chunks of old style Bs that are
> 18-bits long all come from one home-AS and most are in a
> pair of old-style class Bs which easily could be aggregated
> into a single /15 with the loss of some routing specificity
> (which is lost anyway when that provider's internal metrics
> don't propagate to its external peers).
> The remainder of the 'chunks' of old style Bs are
> all longer than 18 bits, and most are /24s or /26s,
> and I see none at all that appear difficult to aggregate,
> or which look like anything other than leaks due to
> misconfiguration.
> If you get to the point where someone needs to have a /18
> in the old-style class B space and it can't be aggregated,
> we can return to this.
> 	Sean.


the Municipality of Zuerich has got assigned 1/2 class B in April this year 
after a long discussion with RIPE NCC. They will soon get onto Internet.
I need to be sure that this address space is routed on the Internet.

Sean, Geert-Jan, could you comment, please.


Willi Huber

inetnum: -
netname:     ZUERI-NET
descr:       Municipality of Zuerich
descr:       Zuerich. Switzerland
country:     CH
admin-c:     BM16-RIPE
tech-c:      BM16-RIPE
changed:     huber at 950412
source:      RIPE

person:      Beat Morf
address:     Organisation & Informatik der Stadt Zuerich
address:     Wilhelmstrasse 10
address:     CH-8022 Zuerich
phone:       +41 1 279 92 62
phone:       +41 1 279 91 11
fax-no:      +41 1 279 93 85
e-mail:      beat.morf at
nic-hdl:     BM16-RIPE
changed:     huber at 950601
source:      RIPE

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