Sean Doran smd at icp.net
Mon Sep 25 06:01:17 UTC 1995

Thank-you Andrew.  That matches my diagnosis.

Kai: computel, our customer, should be able to help you
prepare an entry for the RADB; failing that, please
feel free to turn to noc at ans.net or engineer at sprint.net
for assistance in updating the RADB so that your prefix
is heard by ANS.

See, ANS has an inbound route-filter too... and it's MUCH older than Sprint's.

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| Poking at this futher, Sprint is announcing 204.82.160/22; Digex is
| behind ANS; this route is not in the RADB; and since ANS insists on all
| routes being in the RADB, they are not accepting it, so Digex is not
| seeing it.
| Fix: Either get ANS to not insist on all routes being in the RADB or
| submit an update to the RADB & wait for ANS to regenerate their
| configs.
| Kai: Please don't widly accuse folks before poking into the facts.
| 	--asp at uunet.uu.net (Andrew Partan)

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