Michael Dillon michael at junction.net
Mon Sep 25 05:09:12 UTC 1995

On Mon, 25 Sep 1995, Gordon Cook wrote:

> This *IS* a serious event.  It *IS* sponsored by the branch of NATO that 
> furthers international science and technology cooperation between NATO 
Interesting phrase in light of what has happened....

> members and Russia and former republics of the former USSR.  I attended 
> last years conference at the invitation of Steve goldstein (NSF) who was 
> co-chair.  last year we met just outside of Moscow.  In my opinion SEAN 
> should make an immediate exception for the week long duration of this 
> significant conference and its hoped for benefit of the growth of the 
> internet in Russia and other former USSR republics.

> > if you can ), and I was absolutely positive about the consequences this
> > will have on the relationship between BelCom and Arna-Sprint in Kazakhstan.
Does this mean that only Sprint customers are being denied access to the 
long prefixes? Or is it that the world is being denied access to long 
prefixes of Sprint customers? Or is it something else.

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