Kai kai at belcom.net
Mon Sep 25 03:33:12 UTC 1995

My network assignment (Sprint-announced) has become invisible
to all Digex-connected networks, while my old assignment (204.97.218/219)
is still seen normally.
Following the NANOG list, I must suspect this is due to the route prefix
filtering Sean Doran announced, and which seems to have gone into effect.
As Comsat (a Digex client) can now no longer reach BelCom's overseas
subsidaries (BelCom is a Computel client, client of Sprint: Computel is
technically incapable of handling or comprehending this issue, you will
have to deal with me).
I demand that this route prefix filtering is turned off immediately:
The Almaty NATO networking conference is IN SESSION (trace to
if you can ), and I was absolutely positive about the consequences this
will have on the relationship between BelCom and Arna-Sprint in Kazakhstan.
If you want to avoid a press release at the conference detailing names and
circumstances of this engineering terrorism, you should turn off the route
prefix filter THIS MINUTE. There was absolutely no humanly sane reason to
'pull the plug' on a Sprint customer like this, and to sabotage an event
that has cost us $50,000 plus 200 engineering hours to make happen.
This is off to the lawyers.

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