Request for Comments on a topological address block for N. Calif.

Tony Li tli at
Mon Sep 25 00:13:39 UTC 1995

   I expect that if Sprintlink were to propose a rational plan to 
   renumber and -return- the older delegations that they would be
   provided with a large, single block that Sean could pursuade
   Sprintlink to carve up in the fashion that he indicated.

Methinks that this is backwards.  Sprintlink clearly has a rational
plan.  Obviously they cannot possibly return an older delegation until
they can get more address space.  

   It would go a long way in reducing the size of the global routing

I count 45 prefixes.

IMHO, someone needs to be following RIPE's guidelines and should be
assigning shorter prefixes to Sprint on a per-block basis.


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