Sprint violations

Robert A. Rosenberg hal9001 at panix.com
Sat Sep 23 06:25:08 UTC 1995

At 16:36 9/22/95, Mathew Lodge wrote:
>Well, no, actually. Customers don't care who's fault it is -- as far as
>they're concerned, it's broken. I had a similar situation impressed on me
>today: one of our customers wants to send e-mail with MIME attachments to
>one of his customers who has a CompuServe account. The attachments never
>make it through the CompuServe e-mail gateway.
>Now, we know that this is not a problem with our TCP/IP network and SMTP
>implementation -- it's a problem at the CompuServe end. The customer knows
>nothing about e-mail gateways, and nor does he care. As far as he's
>concered, it doesn't work. And Omnes, as his solutions provider, had better
>fix it.
>I still haven't worked out how to appease this particular individual: but
>my point is that customers dislike "finger pointing" when it comes to
>resolving a problem. It won't wash.

There is NO problem sending MIME Email with attachments to Compuserve
accounts (I do it all the time). The only requirement (until Compuserve
rolls out their promised MIME-Aware Gateway and support) is that the user
must save the message as a Text File and then pass it through Mpack to do
the actual MIME Extraction. If the customer needs handholding, pass him/her
my Email address and I'll provide Step-by-Step instructions (for both the
sender and recipient).

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