Other flapping prefixes. Compare and contrast.

Dave Siegel dsiegel at rtd.com
Tue Sep 12 13:28:32 UTC 1995

> Can we stop this bashing right here, Sean? I don't believe that this list 
> is the adequate forum four such childish behaviour. I have a collection 
> of your past emails and I am rather fed up withthis. 
> Can Sean be removed from the list? These are not contributions in any 
> sense of constructivity at all.

I disagree.

When the traditional channels don't work, sometimes publicity is the only thing
to cause a company to pay attention.

Do not underestimate the value of peer pressure.  We all have to resort to it
at one point or another.

Furthermore, Sean has contributed many construtive posts to this list in the
onslaught of arguments.

Let's not call the kettle black.


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