Other flapping prefixes. Compare and contrast.

Michael F. Nittmann mn at ios.com
Mon Sep 11 19:55:55 UTC 1995

What I mean is constructivity. Repeated shows of faults does not 
contribute to the solution. This is just whining in public.
So, here is my try to discuss what we all can do:

I propose:

Whoever has dial up customers, and cannot, for one reason or the other 
convince them, to keep the interface up, should do the following:

1)-  explain the customer that the link cannot go up and down all the 
  -  that rapid changes in the link will not be propagated, but result in 
unreachability of his computer/network.
  - that such an arrangement is not suitable to announce reachability of 
his host to the outside, since nobody knows when he will actually be 
reachable (so, no email directly to his address, don't advertise it as 
ftp address, etc.)

2) pull the route up via a loopback interface and a bigger metric. When 
the dial interface comes up, the route via the loopback will be 
overridden by the better 'connected' route. this keeps the route flap 
within the same router

This is not 'announcing lies', the customer 'lives' in that router. This 
is a contribution to the stability of the routing environment.

I myself do not attach LANs via dial-up, and if, the route is aggregated 
to the overall routes of the communication server where the customer 
dials into.

Opinions, please?


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