Flapping prefixes and dialup networks. Discuss.

Michael Dillon michael at junction.net
Mon Sep 11 06:03:09 UTC 1995

On Mon, 11 Sep 1995, Sean Doran wrote:

> Subject: nisc-03292 (ticket update) badly flapping prefix (204.4.27/24)
> Ticket #nisc-03292 	09/10/95-18:12:08 silvera 	SUBJECT: badly flapping prefix (204.4.27/24)
> Posted by: Aaron Silver
> ----------
> Sean,
> 	The customer that this network belongs to is a dial-up customer, and
> as such, when his connection is up, we broadcast his network IP, and stop
> broadcasting when he disables his connection. We are unable to prevent his 
> route from propagating in the face of what could be frequent log-in/log-outs.
> Aaron Silver
> PSI Customer Support 

Aaron, have you never heard of aggregation? Can't you aggregate this 
customer's route with other /24's and thus hide their comings and goings 
from the entire global Internet. Can you imagine what would happen if 
every dialup network in the world announced itself every time it logged 
in or out of it's service provider? 

This is not only anitsocial behaviour on the part of PSI, but you are in 
effect, holding your customer up to ridicule before the world by 
announcing their every coming and going. IMHO this is an extremely poor 
attitude to have towards your customers.

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