Other flapping prefixes. Compare and contrast.

Sean Doran smd at icp.net
Mon Sep 11 05:11:40 UTC 1995

There were several other providers who got notes from
me about prefixes that were flapping every several seconds
or thereabouts.   The tally so far:

Polite "we have a ticket open and will get someone to fix
things" from three providers (thanks ANS, BBN, EBONE).

A trio of no-answer-yets, one of which has since been
fixed, one of which will be fixed since I have the
advantage of sharing a room with the routing guru
of the NSP in question and the bigger advantage of
not needing nearly as much sleep. :-)

The third no-answer-yet is from a smaller provider in
Europe, and I expect they'll get back to me in their morning.

Finally, there was the previous reply.


P.S.: Oh, I also have to thank Pushpendra Mohta of CERFNET
	who replied to an earlier note personally with an
	explanation of what was going on.

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