What do you use interdomain routing for?

nordlund at databank.com nordlund at databank.com
Fri Sep 8 13:50:29 UTC 1995

>We are looking at requirements for interdomain routing, and are
>interested to know what you use it for.  For instance, do you use
>interdomain routing to select transit carriers for some traffic in
>preference to other carriers.

What do you mean by "interdomain" routing?  Is this inter ASN routing?  Or is
this OSPF Interarea routing?

>Are there policies that you would like to be able to implement that you are
>unable to because of limitations in the available protocols?  How much
>would you be willing to slow down your forwarding rates in order to
>have the capability?
>Please send me your answers and I'll summarize.
>  --Neal

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