Peering problem with NSP

Nathan Stratton nathan at
Mon Oct 30 22:25:21 UTC 1995

On Mon, 30 Oct 1995, Matt Harrop wrote:

>         In a few months, the network I operate is going to become
> multi-homed.  I've just ordered the T1 from SprintLink and I know that
> they'll have no problem with BGP4 peering, or with the fact that I'll be
> multi-homed.  My problem is with my existing NSP; fONOROLA.  When I
> informed that that I would be going multi-homed, and asked them about
> peering this was their answer:
> > Due to our high level of interconnectivity, we carry over 6k routes on our
> > backbone. Not all will be available to you. We can only assure you that direct
> > connect routes will be offered, namely AS2493 & AS812. Transit ASes cannot be
> > provided to you at this time on a guarenteed basis.  If you use us as
> > default, this is not a problem, but I suspect you will not. We have direct
> > connectivity to CA*net, Rogers, UUNET, WorldLinx, MCI, ANS, and
> > cannot, at this time, ensure that all routes land on you. This kind of
> > routing transit service is not really intended as our usual service
> > offering, and it has a strong impact on our backbone design.
> Is this in any way reasonable?  fONOROLA's primary connections to the rest
> of the world are MCI and ANS.  If they can't provide transit to MCI and
> ANS, they are essentialy useless to me.  Of perticular interest to me is
> their last statement.  Would this actualy have a "strong impact" on their
> backbone?

Ya, drop them, they just don't want to do it.

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