Initial Route Server Stats for MAE-East

Steve Feldman feldman at MFSDatanet.COM
Sat Oct 21 01:32:53 UTC 1995

One potential problem is that rs1 gets to nearly everyone else,
including the Gigaswitch, through the shared FDDI ring.  The shared
FDDI is now hitting 85 Mbps 5-minute averages during peak times.

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> > Thanks for the feedback Curtis.  You are correct that one might get the 
> > wrong impression.  ( Our intent here was really to show the layout of the 
> > web page and get some feedback, and this ANS router just happened to be 
> > first.)  Dun just uploaded all the rest of the MAE-East Peer delay/packet 
> > loss graphs.  Thanks for the suggestion.
> > 
> > Web Pointer to MAE-East graphs:
> > 
> > Bill & Dun
> Bill,
> Could you tell us a little more about your packet loss sampling?  Like
> how many ping packets are you using per collection point?
> If those packet loss statistics at the Mae are correct, we have some
> serious trouble there.  I just fired up a ping to .181 on the ring
> (MCI) and in 100 packets lost 2 (close together - I saw the sequence
> numbers that were missing).  I tried again with 1000 and got 0 loss.
> Maybe it's just an off time.  Still I can't see how you could be
> approaching anything near 10-20% on all the major providers.  You've
> got some nasty peaks there.
> My first inclination was to wonder if you overflowed the space for UDP
> packets by kicking off two much data collection on the RS at once.  We
> used to lose SNMP replies for that reason when we kicked off two may
> GETs at 15 minute intervals.  We'll be looking at this too to try to
> confirm the loss you are reporting.
> Curtis

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