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New Routing Arbiter Tools Announce

The Routing Arbiter welcomes comments, bug-reports and suggestions
for new tools. Please direct email to ra-team at

Please feel free to redistribute this announcement.

A web version of this page lives at

Online Tools and Reports


  This graphical interface into the Internet Routing Registry makes
  it possible to use the Web to query the IRR and update RADB AS
  objects, Route objects, and Maintainer objects.  Users can enter
  any value that can be submitted through a whois query, such as an
  AS number, network IP address, or maintainer. IRRWeb then displays
  the corresponding AS objects, Route objects, or Maintainer objects
  from the various registries in the IRR.  Authorized maintainers can
  edit the objects directly; IRRWeb performs a cursory pre-check and
  mails the revised object to auto-dbm at  The user then
  receives e-mail from auto-dbm confirming and displaying the revised
  object, or explaining why the object was rejected.  


  Source code is available at

Daily NAP Route Flap Reports</A>

  This new tool set generates daily reports of route flaps (link
  failures at regular and short intervals) throughout the Internet.
  Modeled after the reports originally produced by Curtis Villamizar
  of ANS, the new reports are generated using tools packaged with
  Merit's Multi-Threaded Routing Toolkit.  The data is obtained from
  peering sessions with Route Servers at the interconnection points.
  The reports note the last state of the route (up or down), the
  length of time that a route existed (or did not exist) for that
  prefix, and the number of times a route for the prefix transitioned
  from down to up, up to down, or was replaced by a new route with
  changed attribute information.  AS-path-specific information is
  also provided for every path announced for the prefix.  


Route History Server

  The Route History Server provides a mechanism for tracking 
  the announce/withdraw history of a given prefix for the last 24 
  hours. The History Server peers with the route servers at
  each NAP and records all BGP updates in History Server/Route 
  Server peering session. 


Tools Available for FTP


  The Route Server daemon (RSd) is an enhanced version of
  the GateD routing software that provides multiples views of 
  routing information.
  The software provides a mechanism for network service provides
  to off-load the computational complexity of routing policy
  calculations from their routers. RSd supports configuration and
  transparent passing of BGP MEDs. The software also supports
  BGP route flap dampening.

  Available at

  A policy evaluator that inputs a RIPE-181 policy
  expression, performs essential background
  calculations such as symbolic evaluations and
  expansions, and outputs another RIPE-181 policy
  expression that is used by other tools, such as

  Available as part of the RAToolSet at

  A router configuration tool that can be used by
  providers to generate router configs directly from
  the RADB or other IRR registries.  Currently in
  production use for the RA Route Servers, ANSNET, and
  CA*net, RTConfig is a front-end tool that uses peval
  and radbserver transparently to users.

  Available as part of the RAToolSet at

  This Cisco-to-RIPE-181 conversion package makes it possible for
  users to convert Cisco router configuration files to RIPE-181
  objects that can be submitted to the Internet Routing Registry
  (IRR).  The Cisco access-list can be converted into an explicit set
  of nets embedded in an AS object or represented as a community.
  The RADBserver is queried for any missing or previously registered

  Available at

  IRR users have long recognized the need for tools that check the
  IRR against routes actually propagated in the Internet.  CiscoBGP
  obtains and analyzes routing information from production Ciscos,
  and compares the data with routes in the IRR.  The software also
  flags prefixes that are reserved by RFC 1597, Address Allocation
  for Private Internets.

  Available as part of the MRT software distribution at

  BGPCheck obtains and analyzes routing information from BGP4
  peering sessions, and compares the data with routes in the IRR.  The 
  software also flags prefixes that are reserved by 
  RFC 1597, <em>Address Allocation for Private Internets</em>.

   Available as part of the MRT software distribution at                        

  The 'prtraceroute' tool is a powerful form of traceroute that displays 
  the Autonomous Systems that a packet traverses. PRtraceroute was developed
  by the Pride project.

  A version of prtraceroute that queries the RADB is available at

Tool Announcements
PGP-Based Radb Authentication
  Follow these steps to take advantage of the new RADB support for
  PGP-based digital signatures:

    1. Register your public key with the Routing Arbiter Service.
    2. Modify your Maintainer object to reflect your use of digital
    3. Use PGP to sign your RADB transactions.

For detailed instructions, see:

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