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bmanning at ISI.EDU bmanning at ISI.EDU
Mon Oct 16 21:02:23 UTC 1995

> On 16 Oct 95 at 10:19, bmanning at ISI.EDU wrote:
> > Me thinks that this is yet one more short sighted view of the Internet.
> Bill, all very good points, indeed.  
> But while the US-centric issues are not lost on me, it
> certainly seems that the majority of spammage originates from US
> ISPs. Perhaps this is based in some way on the free-wheeling
> entrepreneurial nature of US commerce or on the increasing tide
> of social indifference.  But I digress...

	..seems..(to).. originates from US (sites)... 

	And where do you get your data?  Domain Names?
	Not a real good measure.  IP addresses?  Better,
	but only slightly so.  Email origin?  Ever hear
	of email spoofing?  John Currans earlier note
	was very concrete here.  You have no data that 
	back your assertion that the problem is US based.

> I am not advocating laws which restrict uses of commercial
> networks.  I am advocating restraint over those things that
> others can do to me which cost me money and thus, are theft.
> Federal law already (I believe) restricts what use others may
> enjoy of my resources without my permission.  FAX and cellular
> phones cannot be used for purposes of advertising.  
	So internetMCI, Sprintlink, PSI, UUnet, MSN,
	and all existing ISP's networks are not going 
	to be bound by your proposed legislation?  
	While I can't say wrt cellular actions, I know
	my fax machine (and PO box, and home answering
	machine) get all sorts of unsolicited dreck.
	Whats the law that I can use to protect myself?

> Finally, what I am suggesting is perhaps a little more subtle
> than grotesque legal bludgeoning.  Consider the potential
> impact that highly visible federal law would have on those who
> would consider this an effective means to market to others using
> resources for which they do not pay. 

	Most folks that I know think that "highly visible federal law"
	often equates to "grotesque legal bludgeoning".  
> 	</rr>

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