Motion for a new POST NSF AUP

bmanning at ISI.EDU bmanning at ISI.EDU
Mon Oct 16 20:22:44 UTC 1995

> The AUP won't have much effect, but the after-effects will. Once the AUP 
> is announced we will get press coverage about it, any new Internet books 
> and articles will point out the rules of conduct on the Internet and 
> mention that breaking the rules could get you kicked out. All this will 
> make people aware that there ARE rules and that spam is not liked. 
> Publicity, publicity and more publicity.

	I've seen near zero coverage of RFC 1746, which covers
	AUP's on the Internet.

> Besides, I believe ISOC has been working on a code of conduct for almost 
> a year. I recall reading about it last fall somewhere at

	Does it cover the issues listed in RFC 1746?  Is anyone at
	ISOC paying any attention?   
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