Legislative Relief

Paul Ferguson pferguso at cisco.com
Mon Oct 16 18:44:52 UTC 1995

I'm not so sure that is a technology problem to be solved at 
all. I'm more concerned, frankly, with the junk mail that ends
up in my snail-mail box than an occasional spam, no matter how
annoying it is.

I'm convinced that responsible actions on the part of the ISP
can remedy this type of behavior, even though it is after-the-fact
and reactive in nature.

As someone already mentioned, we need to stop thinking of the
Internet in US-centric fashions. The Internet spans continents
and has no regard for national boundaries or knee-jerk legislation.

Sorry; I just don't agree.

- paul

> Paul, none of the suggestions I have seen so far (in more than
> five years) offer something which 1. is an effective solution,
> 2. is technologically possible, and 3. places the burden of blame
> on the perpetrator.
> If you can propose a solution which does not imply:
> 	...imaginary technology to intuit a commercial message from
> 	its content  (can anyone say "content based routing"? ;)
> 	...making the management of the affected resources more 
> 	rigorous than current practice
> 	...punishing the ISP for the actions of its customers
> 	...complex or impossible deployment issues
> 	...added administrative cost
> I and many others would LOVE to hear about it.
> I am the first to agree with Shakespere on the value of certain 
> members of the legal profession.
> This time, however, I do not see any recourse.  Do you?

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