Motion for a new POST NSF AUP

Jeff.Ogden at Jeff.Ogden at
Mon Oct 16 16:09:42 UTC 1995

I think that AUPs issued by each ISP, but with some common elements
are very important. If we can agree on the common elements that would be
a start.  The next step would be for the big providers to include
these common elements in their contracts.  My lawyer tells me that
the best way for me to avoid being in the middle is to pass these
contractual responsibilities along in the form of our AUP. We do that.
I suspect that others would too.
I'm not too worried about enforcability at this point. I think
there are two issues here. One is more or less a code of good
conduct. The other is what to do when people don't follow the
code. At this stage I'd be happy if we could just inform people
what acceptable conduct is. We can figure out what to do about
people who don't play along later.
   -Jeff Ogden

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