Motion for a new POST NSF AUP

William B. Norton wbn at
Mon Oct 16 15:06:14 UTC 1995

I personally think slightly smarter exploders might go a long way.  For 
1) a list server that recognizes the "subscribe me" messages and informs 
the subscriber without bothering the whole list,
2) an exploder that "suspends" messages with more than, say 6 lists 
and newsgroups, and notifies the sender.  If the sender is not a real 
address, it automatically is purged.

you get the idea.  


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On Mon, 16 Oct 1995, Tim Bass wrote:

> The motion on the table for a Post NSF AUP appears to be dying.  The support
> for my motion is weak in the early stages.  I like the idea of PGP authentication
> in list servers, except for the fact that adding PGP authentication to
> list servers will greatly slow down the processing time of large lists.
> The large public key rings required for large lists do not scale well.  
> Second, the use of PGP authentication would restrict list participation to
> those with the ability to use PGP (this might be a *good* way to promote
> PGP use, on the other hand)
> Unless strong support for the AUP motion is observed today, I plan to
> table the motion for a Post NSF AUP for the Internet.  The general concensus
> appears to be that an AUP would not be useful.  I do not agree, but am
> more than happy to withdraw my motion, given weak support the AUP idea
> has received.
> The ideas for PGP authentication merit further discussion, especially
> the points above on reduced processing time with large public key rings.
> Thanks,
> Tim
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