BGP4 peering wiht Sprint, and MCI

David Whipple dwhipple at
Mon Oct 16 15:17:35 UTC 1995

You should also investigate the MCI Routing Registery.  The documentation
can be found on  This will allow you to submit route
object/s for your existing address space.
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Subject: Re: BGP4 peering wiht Sprint, and MCI
Date: Saturday, October 14, 1995 5:05PM

Hey, Nathan, try using static routes, then exporting them to BGP:

static { masklen 24 gateway <gwaddr>; masklen 19 gateway <gwaddr>; masklen 18 gateway <gwaddr>;

export proto bgp as <asnum> {
# connected networks, if necessary
        proto direct {
                metric <whatever>; };
# statics, you may want to do less than all, see gated docs ;-)
        proto static {
                metric <whatever>; };

At 14:34 95/10/14, Nathan Stratton wrote:
>We have a 486 DX4 100 with 40 megs of ram running FreeBSD and gated with a
>T1 to Sprint and a T1 to MCI. I have a few questions that someone may be
>able to answer.
>If my Sprint T1 goes down, how long will it take for route to drop out of
>the routing table?

Should be pretty quick.
>I have peering going with sprint and MCI and I have about 31,000 routes
>in my routing table. When I called up sprint and MCI they said they were
>not getting routes form me. How do I advertize my CIDR blocks to sprint
>and mci via BGP4?
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