Motion for a new POST NSF AUP

Havard.Eidnes at Havard.Eidnes at
Mon Oct 16 09:56:27 UTC 1995

>    Another suggestion was that SMTP headers always contain the
>    IP address.  I've seen this in quite a few mailers already.
>    All we need is a slight modification to the SMTP Receipt
>    standard.  This could be a Best Current Practice, quickly
>    published!

Hm, this is already covered.  RFC 1123 says:

      5.2.8  DATA Command: RFC-821 Section 4.1.1
         *    The FROM field SHOULD contain both (1) the name of the
              source host as presented in the HELO command and (2) a
              domain literal containing the IP address of the source,
              determined from the TCP connection.
              Including both the source host and the IP source address
              in the Received: line may provide enough information for
              tracking illicit mail sources and eliminate a need to
              explicitly verify the HELO parameter.

Thus, this is not a new suggestion (RFC 1123 is dated Oct 1989).


- Håvard

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