New and Improved Traceroute (semi-annual posting)

Ehud Gavron GAVRON at ACES.COM
Sat Oct 14 23:24:37 UTC 1995

Date Sent:  14-OCT-1995 16:24:39 

In May, I mentioned the new and improved nanog traceroute was at

The new version now builds cleanly on:
	BSDI 1.1
	Ultrix 4.3
	SunOs 5.4

Supported features:
	AS lookups - updated for dealing with SPRINT's Reasonable Default
	 	     project and ANS's AS0 stuff.
	Classless support for DNS ownership
	Doesn't hang on network with lots of ICMP packets

	1. That someone with FreeBSD make it work on there ;-)
	2. Ditto for anyone with AIX...


Ehud Gavron	(EG76)
gavron at Hearts.ACES.COM

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