Funding for NAPs...

Gordon Cook gcook at
Sun Oct 8 00:58:21 UTC 1995

That is correct.....  Pac bell and Ameritech bid zero cost because they 
get income from the NAPs by charging people to attach.   bellcore gets a 
small piece of change for providing research coordination with the two rbocs.

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On Sat, 7 Oct 1995, John G. Scudder wrote:

> At 11:02 PM 10/6/95, Dave Siegel wrote:
> >The NAP providers (Ameritech, Sprint, and PacBell) do get some government
> >money.  As with all government funding, there is red tape, such as
> >providing services to R&E type stuff.
> Ameritech doesn't receive any government funding for the Chicago NAP.  I
> believe that Bellcore receives some government funding.
> I don't think that Sprint or PacBell get any government $$ either, but they
> should confirm or deny that themselves.
> --John

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