Program: 6th Maryland Workshop on Very High Speed Networks

Account of Maryland Center for Telecommunications Research mctr at
Fri Oct 6 18:10:31 UTC 1995

                          October 30-31, 1995
                     (Ballroom, University Center)

              Maryland Center for Telecommunications Research 
	Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering
                 University of Maryland Baltimore County(UMBC)

Participation with:

	University of Maryland Institute for Advanced Computer Studies
	IEEE Communication Society - Gigabit Networking Technical Committee
	IDA/Center for Computing Sciences
	Johns Hopkins University/Computer Science Department

Supported by:
	Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, UMBC
	IOS Press

Monday, October 30, 1995

8:00-8:45	Registration and Coffee

8:45-9:00	Introduction

		Dr. Deepinder Sidhu
		Director, Maryland Center for Telecommunications Research(MCTR)

		Dr. Joel Morris
		Chair, Computer Science & Electrical Engineering, UMBC

		Dr. Freeman Hrabowski
		President, University of Maryland Baltimore County 

SESSION 1: --------------------------------------------------------------------

09:00-9:45	Inder Gopal: IBM Watson Research Center (Keynote Address)
		Electronic Commerce: Technical Issues and Challenges

9:45-10:15	Thomas vonDeak: NASA Lewis Research Center
		Status of the NASA Advanced Communications Technology
		Satellite (ACTS) Program and B-ISDN Development

10:15-10:45	Coffee Break

SESSION 2: --------------------------------------------------------------------

10:45-11:15	Rick Wilder: MCI 
		The NSF's very-high-speed Backbone Network Service:
		Architecture and Project Plans	

11:15-11:45	Bob Collet: Sprint
        	Overview of Sprint's SONET Infrastructure

11:45-12:15	J. H. Maestas: Sandia National Laboratories
		Experiences with SONET Transport Networks

12:15-1:30pm	Lunch

SESSION 3: --------------------------------------------------------------------

1:30-2:00	Raj Jain: Ohio State University
		Traffic management in ATM Networks
2:00-2:30 	Mani B. Srivastava, P. Agrawal, A. Asthana, M. Cravatts, 
		E. Hyden, P. Krzyzanowski, P. Mishra, B. Narendran,
		and J. Trotter: AT&T 
		SWAN: Testbed for Mobile Networked Computing

2:30-3:00	Vern Paxson: Lawrence Berkely Lab
		Endpoint Measurement of Network Conditions

3:00-3:30	Donald Smith: Bellcore
		Adaptive Congestion Controls in SS7 and Implications for
		Broadband Signaling

3:30-4:00	Coffee Break

SESSION 4: --------------------------------------------------------------------

4:00-4:30	J. H. Naegle: Sandia National Laboratories
		Progress with ATM at Sandia National Laboratories	

4:30-5:00	Jonathan M. Smith: Univ of Pennsylvania
		TCP/IP performance of the Penn Afterburner ATM Link Adapter

5:00-5:30	Javad Boroumand: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
		NASA EOSDIS Project ATM Prototyping

October 31, 1995

SESSION 5: --------------------------------------------------------------------

8:45-9:15	Michael Levender: Stratacom
		Applications Support Over ATM: An Update 

9:15-9:45	Brad Makrucki: BellSouth Telecomm
		What's Wrong with Equivalent Bandwidth?

9:45-10:15	Roch Guerin: IBM Watson Research Center
		Traffic Shaping and Reshaping to Efficiently Provide End-to-End

10:15-10:45	Coffee Break

SESSION 6: --------------------------------------------------------------------

10:45-11:15	Magda El Zarki: Univ. of Pennsylvania
		Video over ATM Quality Control

11:15-11:45	Guru Parulkar: Washington University
		Error Control for Continuous Media Applications

11:45-12:15	Anujan Varma: University of California
		FAST: A Hardware Simulation Testbed for ATM Network	

12:15-1:15	Lunch 

SESSION 7: --------------------------------------------------------------------

1:15-1:45	Robert J. Aiken:  Department of Energy/Lawrence Livermore Lab
		The ENERGY of HIgh Speed Networking

1:45-2:15	Ted Faber: USC/ISI
		Research in the ATOMIC-2 Project at ISI

2:15-2:45	Bernie Hudson: University of Ottawa
		High Speed Network Connecting Canada, Europe and North Africa

2:45-3:15	Jorg Liebeherr, I. F. Akyildiz and D. Sarkar: 
		Univ. of Virginia, Virginia
		An Explicit Rate Control Scheme for ABR Traffic with
		Heterogeneous Service Requirements


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