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William B. Norton wbn at
Thu Oct 5 14:56:04 UTC 1995

Hi Bilal!

On Wed, 4 Oct 1995, Bilal Chinoy wrote:

> Whoa there, Nellie. Sprint NAP stats are available
> from 30 days worth on-line,
> but available since inception (about March-April '95).
> Ask and you shall receive.

This is *really* cool.  Dun Liu and I are about to put our RA seen NAP 
stats up on the web.  We found it quite useful to be able to compare our
customer-seen NAP performance statistics along side of the MFS NAP-Provider
seen performance statistics.

For example, there appears to be a strong (perhaps expected) correlation 
between the MAE-East media load and the latency we see bwetween the RS and
its peers.  And interestingly enough, we see a point of media utilization 
after which packet loss increases dramatically.

I think that the NANOG community would also benefit from having this data 
available on the web so such correlations could be made.  To approach 
the completeness of data that was available in the NSFNET days I think 
we should encourage all NAP participants to post their NAP-related data to 
the web as well.  

We have MAE-East and Sprint NAP-provider data, and soon we'll have the RA as a 
NAP customer providing data as well.  What are the chances of other NAP
attachees putting up NAP-related data on the web in the same fashion? 

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