MCI and SprintLink are partitioned (fwd)

Bilal Chinoy bac at
Wed Oct 4 17:39:29 UTC 1995

> >  . are all three (four?) NAPs really being used 
> 	Yes.  for some value of "used".

The NewYorsey Nap is being "used". I see approx. 3E4 packets 
per sec. peak (averaged over a 5 min. period). This is through
our gigaswitch. Intra-FDDI is additional.

> >  . Do all the NAPs provide online statistics?
> 	No.

Whoa there, Nellie. Sprint NAP stats are available
from 30 days worth on-line,
but available since inception (about March-April '95).
Ask and you shall receive.

MFS also is available, I believe. I don't know about the 

			-- Bilal

> --bill

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