MCI and SprintLink are partitioned (fwd)

bmanning at ISI.EDU bmanning at ISI.EDU
Wed Oct 4 16:02:01 UTC 1995

>  . are all three (four?) NAPs really being used 

	Yes.  for some value of "used".

>  . Is there any evidence that the NAPs are really backing each other
>    up? 

	Not sure this is possible.  Perhaps the better question is,
	are providers using the NAPs to back each other up.
>  . do we have some regular examples from *any* site A initiating a
>    connection from A to B, A to C, and A to D, where the three are
>    verifiably (via traceroute, I guess) would traverse different NAPs
>    (and hopefully only one each)?


>  . Are there routing stability reports accessible online from the RA
>    (or whoever else feels responsible for this) that graph fluctuations
>    at the NAPs, including correlation among them? What are the quality
>    metrics for routing stability?

	Being defined.

>  . Do all the NAPs provide online statistics?


>  . Are the NAP and RA regular reports to NSF publicly (hopefully via
>    the Web) available?  have the annual report/plan papers

>  . Is there any way NANOG can be used to exchange status information
>    accessible via the network. Is someone already working on that?
>    Would not NANOG be *the* forum to cooperate on that?

	Sounds like a really good idea to me. 


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