Comments on Routing and Allocation Policy Wanted

Sanjay Dani sanjay at
Mon Oct 2 17:57:28 UTC 1995

>From: patrick at Verity.COM (Patrick Horgan)
>> From: "Walter O. Haas" <haas at>
>> Somehow I'm under the impression that it's possible to have SMTP over a
>> PPP dialup by logging into the mail server, is that not correct?
>Not exactly.  smtp is just a tcp protocol.  You only need to do a tcp 
>One easy way to do mail is to nfs mount the directory containing
>The next choice is POP (Post Office Protocol).  With pop, your machine

Alternatively, if you want to SMTP over email for a domain over the
dialup connection, assign the PPP client a primary MX record and a
fully connected server on the PPP server's network a secondary. The
PPP reconnect script on the client can be instrumented to flush the
outgoing queue and also send email to pseudo alias on the secondary
MX server that triggers a flush of its incoming queue for your domain.
You have to make sure you dialup at least once every three days or so.

This strategy requires the PPP client have a static IP.


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