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Matt Zimmerman mdz at netrail.net
Thu Nov 30 22:01:16 UTC 1995

On Thu, 30 Nov 1995, Curtis Villamizar wrote:

> The policy toward AS4006 was set to 1:3561 2:1239 based on the
> advisories for the 3 AS4006 nets that existed when we froze the
> aut-num.  If you add prefixes to AS4006, you don't have to do
> anything except to make sure to register route objects with the
> correct origin AS.

The prefix in question was one of these three, and our networks seem to 
be talking just fine.  The fact that our system also sends and receives 
hundreds of messages to/from AOL customers every day would seem to suggest 
further that the original problem was/is with AOL.  Of course, the fact 
that a good percentage of their servers don't respond to pings from 
here makes it difficult to isolate when this is happening.  Are they 
just broken in this aspect, or is this another symptom of a connectivity 
problem between us? (I just tried this from another location outside our 
network, and trying to ping a.mx.aol.com produced a _segfault_ (Solaris 
box)...what's going on here?)

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